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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames M-O

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between M-O mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
MabeeKate.709William H. Murray
MannJames.569Henry Mullen
MannMary Ann.569Henry Mullen
MannshardtSarlonna.586Ludwig Ernst
MarlingHiram W..609Hiram E. McDonald
MarlingMargaret.609Hiram E. McDonald
MarshEmma.709William H. Murray
MarshEmma.713James Marsh
MarshJames.712James Marsh
MarshLouisa.713James Marsh
MarshLucebra.713James Marsh
MarshMargaret B..714James Marsh
MarshMartha.713James Marsh
MarshMaude.714James Marsh
MarshNancy.713James Marsh
MarshWilliam.712James Marsh
MarshallAnne E..582Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
MarshallWilliam K.Judge553Col. Kennedy Brown
MartinEsther J..568John A. Trueblood
MartinJames.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
MartinMary E..663James M. Shields, M. D.
MartinWilliam.568John A. Trueblood
MastersW. P..544City Public Schools
MastersWilliam F..672William F. Masters
MastersWilliam Groub.673William F. Masters
MatlockCora.644Josiah L. Hunsucker
MatlockCora.681Samuel Hunsucker
MatlockDorothy.607William M. Matlock
MatlockHouston.608William M. Matlock
MatlockJames.608William M. Matlock
MatlockJoel H..644Josiah L. Hunsucker
MatlockJohnson.607William M. Matlock
MatlockJosephine.608William M. Matlock
MatlockMa** L.608William M. Matlock
MatlockMary A.Mrs.644Josiah L. Hunsucker
MatlockMatilda.608William M. Matlock
MatlockMay.608William M. Matlock
MatlockNancy.608William M. Matlock
MatlockNeal.608William M. Matlock
MatlockNellie Ann.608William M. Matlock
MatlockRachel.608William M. Matlock
MatlockWilliam M..607William M. Matlock
MayJamesProf.662Samuel T. Lockhart
MayJames G.Prof.561J. E. Payne
MayMargaret.702Clyde W. Keach
MayNamanDr.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
McAllister.Capt.721John Fox
McClureEleanor.723Charles Welliver
McCoyDaniel.528Indian Reminiscences
McdonaldAlexander.609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldElizabeth.609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldGeorge C..610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldHal E..610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldHarold.610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldHiram E..608Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldHiram E..609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldJob M..609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldJob R..610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldJoseph D..610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldMamie.610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldMargaret.610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldMillicent Mentoria.610Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldOlive F..609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldW. N..609Hiram E. McDonald
McDonaldWilliam.609Hiram E. McDonald
McGannThomas.721John Fox
McGeeJames.528Indian Reminiscences
McKinney.Mr.533Express Robberies
McLaughlinMaryDr.606Charles D. Pettigrew
McMillanAmanda.584James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanArthur E..566Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanArthur E..586James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanArthur E..598Arthur E. McMillan
McMillanClyde C..566Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanClyde C..586James P. McMillan
McMillanClyde C..598Arthur E. McMillan
McMillanFlossie.586James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanFrederick G..586James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanHamilton.584James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanHelen.567Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanJames.567Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanJames P..566Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanJames P.M. D.584James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanJames P..598Arthur E. McMillan
McMillanJames Paul.586James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanJoseph.584James P. McMillan, M. D.
McMillanMabel.567Clyde C. McMillan
McMillanTrina.599Arthur E. McMillan
McMillanWinona.567Clyde C. McMillan
McQueenFrank O..698William H. Warner, M. D.
MenzesAndrew.742Rev. Frank Meyer
MenzesElizabeth.742Rev. Frank Meyer
MenzesKateMrs.742Rev. Frank Meyer
MeyerBenjamin.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerCaroline.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerCharles.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerCharlotte.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerEdward.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerFrank.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerFrankRev.741Rev. Frank Meyer
MeyerFrederick.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerFrederick J.Capt.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerHerman.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerJames.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerJohn.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerJulia.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerMary.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerSophia.656Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerThomas.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyerWilliam.657Frederick J. Meyer
MeyersCharles.647George W. Humphrey
MillerAbraham.528Indian Reminiscences
MillerAdam.645William A. Miller
MillerAlice.711William C. Miller
MillerAnna.638Newton Dodds
MillerAugusta.711William C. Miller
MillerCarrie.645William A. Miller
MillerCarrie.646William A. Miller
MillerDiedrick.710William C. Miller
MillerFrank A..711William C. Miller
MillerFrederick.750Cyrus D. Crabb
MillerFrederick C..711William C. Miller
MillerHarry M..544City Public Schools
MillerHarry M..612Harry M. Miller
MillerHendricks.646William A. Miller
MillerHenry.591Henry Zollman
MillerHenry.625Thomas F. Zollman
MillerHenry.646William A. Miller
MillerJames.645William A. Miller
MillerJoseph.645William A. Miller
MillerJoseph L..645William A. Miller
MillerJosephine.645William A. Miller
MillerJosephine.646William A. Miller
MillerKitty.648Theodore F. Tormoehlen
MillerLeona.645William A. Miller
MillerLillie L..645William A. Miller
MillerLorenzo D..612Harry M. Miller
MillerMelinda.711William C. Miller
MillerPolly.591Henry Zollman
MillerPolly.625Thomas F. Zollman
MillerR..683John W. Holmes
MillerRalph.646William A. Miller
MillerRuby.645William A. Miller
MillerSarah A..645William A. Miller
MillerWilliam.645William A. Miller
MillerWilliam A..645William A. Miller
MillerWilliam C..638William C. Miller
MillerWilliam C..710William C. Miller
MilliganGeorge A..669Orlean R. Emerson
MillroyJohn.529Some Changes
MillsAlfred.702Alfred W. Mills
MillsHannah M..702Alfred W. Mills
MillsStephen D..702Alfred W. Mills
MillsSudie L..702Alfred W. Mills
MitchellJames.675Alfred Beatty
MoelerElizabeth.728J. Henry Stunkel
MoncnerJ. W.Prof.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
MontelEdna.643John Montel
MontelElnora.643John Montel
MontelJohn.642John Montel
MontelLeonard.643John Montel
MontelNicholas.642John Montel
MontelPearl.643John Montel
MontgomeryHenry C..544City Public Schools
MooreArmilda.696John W. Hamacher
MooreDavid.651Robert J. Eshom
MooreElizabeth A..549James F. Keach
MooreIsaac.549James F. Keach
MooreJohn.532Express Robberies
MooreMartha J.Mrs.549James F. Keach
MorganMaryMrs.745The Wright Family
MorrisonJ..621Morse B. Singer
Morton.Governor553Col. Kennedy Brown
Morton.Governor574Captain Willison C. Hall
MullenFrank M..569Henry Mullen
MullenMary.569Henry Mullen
MullenMichael.569Henry Mullen
MullenMichael.570Henry Mullen
MullenNellie.570Henry Mullen
MullenThomas.569Henry Mullen
MurdockJames.620Morse B. Singer
MurphyGeorge.553Col. Kennedy Brown
MurphyNancy C..583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
MurphySamuel.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
MurphySamuel J..583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
MurrayAlice.706William H. Murray
MurrayCharles.710William H. Murray
MurrayClaude.709William H. Murray
MurrayEvert.710Wiliam H. Murray
MurrayGeorge.710William H. Murray
MurrayIda T..642Harry E. Yost, M. D.
MurrayJohn.709William H. Murray
MurrayJohn M..709William H. Murray
MurrayJohn M..711John M. Murray
MurrayJoseph G..709William H. Murray
MurrayMary E..709William H. Murray
MurrayMichael.642Harry E. Yost, M. D.
MurrayRalph.709William H. Murray
MurraySarahMrs.642Harry E. Yost, M. D.
MurrayWilliam H.Sr.709William H. Murray
MurrayWilliam H.Jr.709William H. Murray
MurrayWilliam H..711John M. Murray
MurrayWilliam H..713James Marsh
MusserJohn.679Alexander N. Nilson
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
NealE. R..632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
NelsonJoel.736William Robertson
Nelson.Dr.549James F. Keach
NewkirkElizabeth.658Benjamin Carter
NilsonAlexander N..677Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonAnna.679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonBell.679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonEtta.679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonGeorge W..679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonGriffin.679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonJames M..679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonJohn.677Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonJohn F..679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonNancy J..679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonNeely.679Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonThomas H..677Alexander N. Nilson
NilsonThomas H. .679Alexander N. Nilson
NormanSarah.738William Robertson
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
OatoutClara N..724Charles Welliver
OatoutJohn.724Charles Welliver
OeschlagerMary.710William C. Miller
OgleEdward.714James Marsh
O'NeillLucy.709William H. Murray
O'NeillMary.569Henry Mullen
OsmanCatherine.642John Montel
OstermanAmelia.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanAugust G.M. D.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanCarl.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanCarl.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanEdward.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanEmma.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanFrederick.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanFrederick William.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanHannah.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanHenry.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanHulda.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanJohn.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanLillian.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanLouie.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanLouise.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OstermanWilliam.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
OvermanSylvia E..730Orva M. Goss
OwenBetteMrs.550Seth W. Shields, D. D.
OwensGeorge.592Henry Zollman
OwensGeorge.627Thomas F. Zollman
OwensMarthaMrs.747The Wright Family


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