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Friday, April 21, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames I-L

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between I-L mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
InglebyLucy.718Robert I. Craig
IrelandClarence.669Orlean R. Emerson
IrelandJames.557Hugh A. Burrell
IrelandJames.645William A. Miller
IrelandLydia.645William A. Miller
IrelandMargaret.556Hugh A. Burrell
IrelandRebecca.666James Robertson
IsaacsEverett E..590William W. Isaacs
IsaacsJesse.589William W. Isaacs
IsaacsJohn C..590William W. Isaacs
IsaacsJohn W..589William W. Isaacs
IsaacsJohn W..589William W. Isaacs
IsaacsWilliam T..590William W. Isaacs
IsaacsWilliam W..589William W. Isaacs
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
JacksonCharlotte.572Joel Jackson
JacksonElizabeth.571Joel Jackson
JacksonGillen.572Joel Jackson
JacksonGreenwood.571Joel Jackson
JacksonGreenwood.572Joel Jackson
JacksonJason.572Joel Jackson
JacksonJefferson.572Joel Jackson
JacksonJesse.571Joel Jackson
JacksonJoelJr.571Joel Jackson
JacksonJoelSr.571Joel Jackson
JacksonJohn.571Joel Jackson
JacksonLaban.572Joel Jackson
JacksonMargaretMrs.741Clement I. Lanier
JacksonMargaret J..571Joel Jackson
JacksonMinnie R..572Joel Jackson
JacksonNora.572Joel Jackson
JacksonOlive.572Joel Jackson
JacksonWilliam.571Joel Jackson
Jackson.Gen.529Some Changes
JacobsJohn.666James Robertson
JacobsPhoebe.666James Robertson
JamesAlzora.732James A. Cox
JamisonCarri.650John G. Jamison
JamisonCharles.648John G. Jamison
JamisonCharles.649John G. Jamison
JamisonEffie J..650John G. Jamison
JamisonElla B..649John G. Jamison
JamisonEmma.649John G. Jamison
JamisonEmmanuel.649John G. Jamison
JamisonEtta.649John G. Jamison
JamisonJames.649John G. Jamison
JamisonJason B..649John G. Jamison
JamisonJohn G..648John G. Jamison
JamisonJosephine.649John G. Jamison
JamisonRoy S..650John G. Jamison
JamisonWesley.649John G. Jamison
JenkinsAlice.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsAllaline.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsElla.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsFilmore.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsGeorge.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsJ. M.M. D.689J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsJ. M..690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsJessie M..691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsMaggie.690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsMary A..690J. M. Jenkins
JenkinsTemple B..691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenkinsWillis S..691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JenningsAmanda.661Samuel T. Lockhart
JenningsJohn.661Samuel T. Lockhart
Jerell.Mr.532Express Robberies
JimmersonAmerica G..647George W. Humphrey
JimmersonDorcasMrs.647George W. Humphrey
JimmersonNancy R..647George W. Humphrey
JohndrowCharles.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
JohnsonJohn.528Indian Remininscences
JohnsonJohn B..738William Robertson
JohnsonMantia.691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
JohnsonMargaret.568John A. Trueblood
JohnsonSarah C..737William Robertson
JonesPerry.620Morse B. Singer
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
KammanAnna.660John G. Stuckwish
KammanHenry.660John G. Stuckwish
KammanMaryMrs.660John G. Stuckwish
KantelMary M..716Henry C. Beyer
KeachAlexander C..547James F. Keach
KeachBenjamin H..549James F. Keach
KeachClyde W..548James F. Keach
KeachClyde W..701Clyde W. Keach
KeachEthel.549James F. Keach
KeachFlorence.549James F. Keach
KeachGertrude.549James F. Keach
KeachGrace.549James F. Keach
KeachJames F..547James F. Keach
KeachJames F..701Clyde W. Keach
KeachJohn R..547James F. Keach
KeachJohn R.II549James F. Keach
KeachLucy.549James F. Keach
KeachMartha.549James F. Keach
KeachRaymond R..548James F. Keach
KeachSusan.549James F. Keach
KeachWalter.549James F. Keach
KegwinJames.579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
KellyEmma.722John Fox
KellyMary.711William C. Miller
KesterJohn J..536Some Peculiarities
KetchumJohn.529Some Changes
KillianNancy.647George W. Humphrey
Kilpatrick.Gen.661Samuel T. Lockhart
KindredBartholomew H..606Jacob W. Kindred
KindredDaniel.607Jacob W. Kindred
KindredJacob W.Dr.606Jacob W. Kindred
KingJoseph.543City Public Schools
KirkCarrie.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
KissellCatherine B..605William Rupp
KissellJohn.605William Rupp
KissellJohnSr.605William Rupp
KissellLizzieJr.605William Rupp
KitchellJoseph.529Some Changes
KitchellWicklife.529Some Changes
KitchumJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
KnightEsther. 649John G. Jamison
KuehnEleanor.581F. William Pohlmann
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
LahrmanBarney.560Barney Lahrman
LahrmanBernard.560Barney Lahrman
LahrmanGeorge.560Barney Lahrman
LahrmanHenriettaMrs.560Barney Lahrman
LanierBertie.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierClement.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierClement I..740Clement I. Lanier
LanierCyrus.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierHettie.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierJoseph L..741Clement I. Lanier
LanierMargaret.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierMedia.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierNicholas.740Clement I. Lanier
LanierOsa.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierRosetta.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierSamuel.741Clement I. Lanier
LanierVinton.741Clement I. Lanier
LanningSarah.741Clement I. Lanier
LanningWilliam.741Clement I. Lanier
Laraway.Mr.736William Robertson
LawrenceT..620Morse B. Singer
LeaperJames.579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
LebineCharles.715John Lebine
LebineChristopher.715John Lebine
LebineChristina.716John Lebine
LebineHenry.716John Lebine
LebineJohn.714John Lebine
LebineJohn.716John Lebine
LebineMatilda E..716John Lebine
LebineMissouri.716John Lebine
LebineRuth.716John Lebine
LebineWoodford.715John Lebine
LeeMary Ann.614Calvin C. Hill
LeeS..638Newton Dodds
LehmannP.Rev.581F. William Pohlmann
LeiningerCharles.544City Public Schools
LewisMable.608William M. Matlock
LewisMartin.608William M. Matlock
LewisMediaMrs.741Clement I. Lanier
LincolnAbraham.530Seymour and Vicinity
LockhartDaniel.661Samuel T. Lockhart
LockhartGoldie.662Samuel T. Lockhart
LockhartMarshall.662Samuel T. Lockhart
LockhartSamuel T..661Samuel T. Lockhart
LockhartVirgil.662Samuel T. Lockhart
LockhartWilliam J..661Samuel T. Lockhart
LockmanCatherine.599Arthur E. McMillan
LockmanCatherine.635William H. Carr
LockmanEmily.744Michael Waskom
LockmanMary H..562J. E. Payne
LockmanRebecca K..598Clairborn Weddell
LoudenAbagil.746The Wright Family
LubkerDavid.648Theodore F. Tormoehlen
LubkerMabel.648Theodore F. Tormoehlen
LucasJ. A..679Alexander N. Nilson
LutesAlvin M..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesBradford.589Jacob S. Lutes
LutesBurnice.751Henry M. Lutes
LutesDavid O..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesFord.589Jacob S. Lutes
LutesGeorge B..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesHenry.588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesHenry M..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesHenry M..750Henry M. Lutes
LutesJacob S..587Jacob S. Lutes
LutesJames C..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesJohn.588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesJohn.750Henry M. Lutes
LutesJohn W..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesJoseph F..751Henry M. Lutes
LutesJoseph G..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesLilly L..751Henry M. Lutes
LutesLottie.589Jacob S. Lutes
LutesMary E..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesMary J..751Henry M. Lutes
LutesNancy C..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesSarah E..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesWilliam D..588Jacob S. Lutes
LutesWinifred.589Jacob S. Lutes
LutzMargaret A..698William H. Warner, M. D.
LutzMichael.698William H. Warner, M. D.
Lutz.Dr.698William H. Warner, M. D.


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