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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames C-D

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames beginning with C mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
CaldwellJ. W..544City Public Schools
CallahanAlva.618Francis E. Callahan
CallahanFrancis E..617Francis E. Callahan
CallahanHenry.617Francis E. Callahan
CallahanIsaac.617Francis E. Callahan
CallahanJames Morton.618Francis E. Callahan
CallahanMartin I..618Francis E. Callahan
CallahanThomas.617Francis E. Callahan
CarothersSarah.557John C. Wells
CarrAdelia.629David Fitzgibbon
CarrAdelia.635William H. Carr
CarrAlexander.609Hiram E. McDonald
CarrBarbara Ann.635William H. Carr
CarrCatherine.557John C. Wells
CarrGeorge W..539Change of Public Opinion
CarrGeorge W.Hon.582Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
CarrHelen.635William H. Carr
CarrJohn.633William H. Carr
CarrJohn F.Hon.537The News of Fort Sumter
CarrJohn F..557John C. Wells
CarrJohn F..635William H. Carr
CarrJohn F..645David Colburn
CarrMargaret J..645David Colburn
CarrSamuel.635William H. Carr
CarrThomas.633William H. Carr
CarrThomas E..635William H. Carr
CarrWilliam H..629David Fitzgibbon
CarrWilliam H..633William H. Carr
CarsonJohn.604George W. Gibson, M. D.
CarterAsa.543City Public Schools
CarterBenjamin.657Benjamin Carter
CarterBenjaminJr.659Benjamin Carter
CarterCarrie.658Benjamin Carter
CarterCharles.658Benjamin Carter
CarterJohn.658Benjamin Carter
CarterMabel.608William M. Matlock
CarterP. L..543City Public Schools
CarterPeter L..609Hiram E. McDonald
CarterTravis.658Benjamin Carter
CaseHannah R..646George W. Humphrey
CasePeter.646George W. Humphrey
Case.Mrs.646George W. Humphrey
CaseboltAndrew Montgomery.747The Wright Family
CaseboltHenry Clay.747The Wright Family
CaseboltJonathan.747The Wright Family
CaseboltMary Jane.747The Wright Family
CaseboltSanford.747The Wright Family
CavinsJohn C..580John M. Hinderlider
CavinsKatherine.580John M. Hinderlider
CavinsMartinMrs.580John M. Hinderlider
ChambersLouise.648John G. Harrison
CharlesA. P..544City Public Schools
ClarkJames A..669Orlean R. Emerson
ClarkKittie.669Orlean R. Emerson
ClarkRachelMrs.669Orlean R. Emerson
Clifton.Mr.531Express Robberies
ClouseAnna.720Solomon Ackeret
ClowersMary.574Captain Willson C. Hall
ClutchfieldAlvin.635William H. Carr
ClutchfieldSarah Ann.635William H. Carr
Cobb.Mr.568John A. Trueblood
CoeckerBernard H..743August G. Osterman, M. D.
CoeckerHenrietta M..743August G. Osterman, M. D.
ColburnBertha.645David Colburn
ColburnCaroline.645David Colburn
ColburnDavid.644David Colburn
ColburnElijah.644David Colburn
ColburnGeorge C..645David Colburn
ColburnGeorge O..645David Colburn
ColburnGertrude.645David Colburn
ColburnKatherine M..645David Colburn
ColburnSampson.644David Colburn
CollarnMichael.531Express Robberies
CollingsRachel.701J. L. Beldon
ConnerJ. W..544City Public Schools
ConverseRay V..669Orlean R. Emerson
CookCloe.680Samuel Hunsucker
CookHannah.711William C. Miller
CoonsRebecca.630James H. Findley
CoopElizabeth.596Clairborn Weddell
CoopJohn.596Clairborn Weddell
CooperJacob L..603Daniel C. Bower
CooperMaggie E..603Daniel C. Bower
CooperMartha P..603Daniel C. Bower
CordillAnna C..571Joel Jackson
CornettCharity E..589Jacob S. Lutes
CornettJames.588Jacob S. Lutes
CornettTena.588Jacob S. Lutes
CourtneyRebecca.630James H. Findley
CoverRebecca C..694George Findley
CoverdaleCloe.650Robert J. Eshom
Coverdale.Mr.650Robert J. Eshom
CoxBenjamin.714James Marsh
CoxFrank.733James A. Cox
CoxJames A..732James A. Cox
CoxJohn A..732James A. Cox
CoxKate.733James A. Cox
CoxLida.733James A. Cox
CoxMary E..714James Marsh
CrabbCharles.748Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbCyrus D..748Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbEdward.748Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbEva.750Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbHudson.750Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbIra.750Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbJames R..750Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbLilly Edith.750Cyrus D. Crabb
CrabbOrville S..750Cyrus D. Crabb
CraigArthur.719Robert I. Craig
CraigClarence.719Robert I. Craig
CriagDavid.718Robert I. Craig
CraigDewey.719Robert I. Craig
CraigElla.718Robert I. Craig
CraigElla.719Robert I. Craig
CraigEverett.719Robert I. Craig
CraigForest.719Robert I. Craig
CraigHerbert.719Robert I. Craig
CraigOpal.719Robert I. Craig
CraigRaymond.719Robert I. Craig
CraigRobert.718Robert I. Craig
CraigRobert I..717Robert I. Craig
CraigRoger.719Robert I. Craig
CraigRuth.719Robert I. Craig
CraigWilliam.610Hiram E. McDonald
CraigeMary.570Francis M. Foster
CritchlowMargaret.570Francis M. Foster
CrockettFrank M..629Francis M. Thompson
CrockettHassie.629Francis M. Thompson
CrockettMary EllenMrs.629Francis M. Thompson
CrossCatherine.750Henry M. Lutes
CrossSolomon.588Jacob S. Lutes
CrothersJames.748The Wright Family
CrothersMaryMrs.748The Wright Family
CrothersSally.747The Wright Family
CrumLucretia.622Leonard C. Huffington
CummingsCatherine.676James H. Davis
CummingsCora.704David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsDavid.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsDavid J.M. D.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsElmer.704David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsEmma.704David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsEmory.552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsEverett.552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsJoseph.551Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsJoseph.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsJoseph L..552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsMalachi.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsRebecca J..704David J. Cummings, M. D.
CummingsWalter B..552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
CumminsClaude.647George W. Humphrey
CumminsThomas.612Alexander Scott
CurtisElizabeth.714James Marsh
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
DaldridgeHenry.681Samuel Hunsucker
DanielJ. M.Rev.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
DaughteryJohn.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisA. B..732William Fultz
DavisCatherine.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisComma.677James H. Davis
DavisDrewry.676James H. Davis
DavisEliza A..632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisElvida J..732William Fultz
DavisFranklin W..63Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisFremont.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisGeorge.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisGeorge.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisHettie.677James H. Davis
DavisJames H..675James H. Davis
DavisJefferson.612Harry M. Miller
DavisJohn.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisJohn.696John W. Hamacher
DavisJoseph.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisJoseph.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisLawrence.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisLevi.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisLoyd.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisLulu.677James H. Davis
DavisMary.651Robert J. Eshom
DavisMyrta.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisMyrtle.677James H. Davis
DavisNathan FarmerM. D.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisNellie.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DavisRhoda C..696John W. Hamacher
DavisSarahMrs.732William Fultz
DavisTheodore.677James H. Davis
DavisWilliam.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
DayLettie A..687Elias B. Douglass
DealJohn T.Jr.600William Armbruster
DeckardAndrew.677James H. Davis
DekoffCornelia.734Henry Frey, D. D.
DeWykeSusan.636William H. Endebrock
DickmeyerLucetta.640John W. Tormoehlen
DickmyerLusette.647Theodore F. Tormoehlen
DicksonLovinda.694George Findley
DiggsBenjamin.707Benjamin Diggs
DiggsCharles W..709Benjamin Diggs
DiggsGeorge.708Benjamin Diggs
DiggsJames.709Benjamin Diggs
DiggsMary.708Benjamin Diggs
DiggsSusan.709Benjamin Diggs
DiggsWilliam H..709Benjamin Diggs
DoddsAndrew.592Henry Zollman
DoddsAndrew.637Newton Dodds
DoddsBart.751James Wray
DoddsBell.638Newton Dodds
DoddsBlanche.638Newton Dodds
DoddsBrilla.637Newton Dodds
DoddsCynthia.637Newton Dodds
DoddsElizabeth.592Henry Zollman
DoddsElizabeth.637Newton Dodds
DoddsEurias.637Newton Dodds
DoddsGeorge A..638Newton Dodds
DoddsHenry.638Newton Dodds
DoddsJane.637Newton Dodds
DoddsJonathan.637Newton Dodds
DoddsNewton.637 Newton Dodds
DoddsNorman.638Newton Dodds
DoddsPhoebe.638Newton Dodds
DoddsRalph.638Newton Dodds
DoddsRuby.638Newton Dodds
DoddsSamuel.637Newton Dodds
DoddsUretta.638Newton Dodds
DoddsZipporahMrs.592Henry Zollman
DodgeAndrew.626Thomas F. Zollman
DodgeElizabeth.626Thomas F. Zollman
DoleAaron.610Hiram E. McDonald
DoleMay.610Hiram E. McDonald
DonnellO. C..565L. B. Hill, M. D.
DouglasEunice.748Cyrus D. Crabb
DouglasStephen A..530Seymour and Vicinity
DouglassE. B..687Elias B. Douglass
DouglassElias B..686Elias B. Douglass
DouglassGrant.605William Rupp
DouglassHomer.687Elias B. Douglass
DouglassSmith Q..687Elias B. Douglass
DouglassStephen A..687Elias B. Douglass
DouglassWarner D..687Elias B. Douglass
DowningMary.727Daniel Empson
DrinumJames.608William M. Matlock
DunhamC. J.Col.647George W. Humphrey
DunnMercia V..691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
DunnW. R..691J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
DurbinWinfield T..600William Armbruster
DurhamJesse B..528Indian Remininscences
DurhamWill.553Col. Kennedy Brown
DusslerMary.717Henry C. Beyer


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