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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames A-B

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between A and B mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
AbelCaroline.688Jackson T Beatty
AbelJohn.652Virgil Able, M. D.
AbelMariahMrs.652Virgil Able, M. D.
AbelVirgilM. D.651Virgil Able, M. D.
AbrecrombeMary K..671Jonathan Robertson
AckeretConrad.719Solomon Ackeret
AckeretConrad.722John Fox
AckeretDavid.720Solomon Ackeret
AckeretElizabeth.719Solomon Ackeret
AckeretElizabeth.722John Fox
AckeretJacob J..720Solomon Ackeret
AckeretJohn W..720Solomon Ackeret
AckeretSolomon.719Solomon Ackeret
AcordLucie.618Francis E Callahan
AgnewDavid.707Josiah H. Andrews
AgnewSarah A.707Josiah H. Andrews
AhlbrandE. H..544City Public Schools
AlbrightLydia.579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
AllmackDorcas.638Newton Dodds
AllsupAdeline.639John Summers
AllsupLeonard C..681Samuel Hunsucker
AllsupMargaret.681Samuel Hunsucker
AndersonCharles.532Express Robberies
AndersonEmma.658Benjamin Carter
AndrewsAgnes.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsAlanson.706Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsCordelia.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsEdith.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsHelen.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsJ. H..544City Public Schools
AndrewsJosiahSr.706Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsJosiahJr.706Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsJosiah H.Sr.706Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsJosiah H.Jr.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsKate.707Josiah H. Andrews
AndrewsMyron H..706Josiah H. Andrews
ArmbrusterCatherine.600William Armbruster
ArmbrusterCharles.601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterHoward.608William M. Matlock
ArmbrusterHoward S..601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterJohn G..600William Armbruster
ArmbrusterJohn H..601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterKate.601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterLouisa.601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterMary.601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterPolly.601William Armbruster
ArmbrusterWilliamMrs.600William Armbruster
ArmerD. S.Dr.697William H. Warner, M. D.
ArmorMattie.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
ArslingAnn.735August V. Goecker
ArslingHenry.735August V. Goecker
AtkinsSamanthaMrs.595George Slagle
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
BaileyJohn.552Colonel Kennedy Brown
BairdElizabeth.618William C. Ball
BakerH. J..549James F. Keach
BakerMary.663Lawrence A. Ebner
BakerSamuel.663Lawrence A. Ebner
BaldwinCharlotte.632Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
BaldwinMary.713James Marsh
BallClarence B..620William C. Ball
BallEsther E..620William C. Ball
BallGilbert.619William C. Ball
BallGrace A..620William C. Ball
BallJames.618William C. Ball
BallMary E..620William C. Ball
BallStella V..620William C. Ball
BallWilliam C..618William C. Ball
BallWilliam L..620William C. Ball
BandtC. C. E.Rev.734Henry Frey, D. D.
BandtLydia.734Henry Frey, D. D.
BardBruce.699George W. Bard
BardCharles W..699George W. Bard
BardEva.699George W. Bard
BardGeorge W..698George W. Bard
BardGuy.698George W. Bard
BardHarry.699George W. Bard
BardJoel.698George W. Bard
BardThomas.698George W. Bard
BarkerGeorge.714James Marsh
BarnesDeborah.603George W. Gibson, M. D.
BeamNellie.600George W. Zollman
BeattyAlfred.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyAlfred.688Jackson T. Beatty
BeattyCaroline.689Jackson T. Beatty
BeattyEddie.689Jackson T. Beatty
BeattyElijah.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyJackie.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyJackson T..688Jackson T. Beatty
BeattyJames.675Alfred Beatty
BeattyJohn.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyJohn.675Alfred Beatty
BeattyJosiah.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyMarie.689Jackson T. Beatty
BeattyMary.673Alfred Beatty
BeattyOscar.675Alfred Beatty
BeattyWilliam.673Alfred Beatty
BeemDaniel.528Indian Reminiscences
BeesonCharles.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
BeesonHannah.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
BeezleyCarrie.639John Summers
BeezleyGeorge W..639John Summers
BeldenGeorge M..549James F. Keach
BeldonBerdie.701J. L. Beldon
BeldonBessie.701J. L. Beldon
BeldonG. M..700J. L. Beldon
BeldonGeorge Herbert.701J. L. Beldon
BeldonJ. L..699J. L. Beldon
BeldonJohn L..700J. L. Beldon
BeldonOliver.699J. L. Beldon
BellMary A..690J. M. Jenkins, M. D.
BennettDelia C..627Thomas F. Zollman
BennettDelilah.592Henry Zollman
BennettElizabeth.615JacoB F. Starr
BennettJames.627Thomas F. Zollman
BennettJohn.615Jacob F. Starr
BennettMargaretMrs.627Thomas F. Zollman
BentelspacherMary.600William Armbruster
BentonC. T..619William C. Ball
BentonSarah A.Mrs.645William A. Miller
BentrupH. A.Rev.581F. William Pohlmann
BergdollLucy.715John Lebine
BerryJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
Betterbroch.Miss733Henry Frey, D. D.
BeyerCharles.717Henry C. Beyer
BeyerClara.717Henry C. Beyer
BeyerJohn.716Henry C. Beyer
BeyerJohn S..716Henry C. Beyer
BeyerMary M..716Henry C. Beyer
BeyerMaude.717Henry C. Beyer
BeyerWilliam.717Henry C. Beyer
BiereChristian.657Frederick J. Meyer
BiereDena.657Frederick J. Meyer
BiereDoraMrs.Frederick J. Meyer
BillingH. P..672William F. Masters
BishopAmy E..579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
BishopSamuel.579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
BlackRichard.591Henry Zollman
BlackRichard.625Thomas F. Zollman
BladesSophia.561J. E. Payne
BlandJ. C..662Samuel T. Lockhart
BoasHenry.647George W. Humphrey
BoasMary.634William H. Carr
BoasMary A..647George W. Humphrey
BoggsHenry.709William H. Murray
BottsAmanda.649John G. Jamison
BowerAdam.573William H. Bower
BowerAdamMrs.602Daniel C. Bower
BowerAdeline.573William H. Bower
BowerDaniel C..602Daniel C. Bower
BowerDaniel W..573William H. Bower
BowerDaniel W..602Daniel C.Bower
BowerEli W..573William H. Bower
BowerElizabeth.573William H. Bower
BowerGeorge.573William H. Bower
BowerHenry.573William H. Bower
BowerJesse.573William H. Bower
BowerJohn E. R..573William H. Bower
BowerJohn L..603Daniel C. Bower
BowerJoseph.573William H. Bower
BowerJosephMrs.602Daniel C. Bower
BowerJoseph E..573William H. Bower
BowerMartha C..603Daniel C. Bower
BowerMary.573William H. Bower
BowerNancy T..573William H. Bower
BowerPhilbert.573William H. Bower
BowerRachelMrs.573William H. Bower
BowerRachel A..573William H. Bower
BowerThomas J. H..573William H. Bower
BowerWesley.573William H. Bower
BowerWiley J..573William H. Bower
BowerWilliam H..573William H. Bower
BowersStephen.679Alexander N. Nilson
BowmanMary.722John Fox
Bragg.Gen.678Alexander N. Nilson
BranamanAbraham.593Frank Branaman
BranamanBeach Mearl.654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanChristian.593Frank Branaman
BranamanChristian J..652Christian J. Branaman
BranamanChristian J..653Christian J. Branaman
BranamanChristian J..747The Wright Family
BranamanFrank.593Frank Branaman
BranamanFrank.653Christian J. Branaman
BranamanGeorge McClellen.654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanGuy St. Clair.654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanJesse Clay.654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanJohn C..594Frank Branaman
BranamanMary Ocie.654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanNoble W..654Christian J. Branaman
BranamanThomas A..595Frank Branaman
BranamanWilliam T..594Frank Branaman
BranamanWilliam T..653Christian J. Branaman
BrannamanAlice.741Clement I. Lanier
BrannamanChristian.741Clement I. Lanier
BridgesGeorge.699George W. Bard
BridgesSally A..699George W. Bard
BridgesSarah AnnMrs.699George W. Bard
BrinkerHannah.742August G. Osterman, M. D.
BrooksBettie.720Solomon Ackeret
BrownAlice K.Mrs.554Colonel Kennedy Brown
BrownAnna.685Jonathan Robertson
BrownB.608William M. Matlock
BrownB. Gratz.532Express Robberies
BrownEliza J..687Elias B. Douglass
BrownEmma.664James M. Shields, M. D.
BrownFrank E..664James M. Shields, M. D.
BrownHenry.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
BrownJacob.687Elias B. Douglass
BrownJane.709William H. Murray
BrownJane.711John M. Murray
BrownJason B.Hon.538The News of Fort Sumter
BrownJason B.Hon.539Change of Public Opinion
BrownKennedyCol.552Col. Kennedy Brown
BrownMary.620Morse B. Singer
BrownWilliam.550Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
BrownWilliam.554Col. Kennedy Brown
BrowningMarietta.668James Robertson
BryanWilliam Jennings.571Francis M. Foster
BrynerJohn.709William H. Murray
BurchamJames.621Morse B. Singer
BurchamPauline.621Morse B. Singer
BurchamSamuel.528Indian Reminiscences
BurnellSarah.645William A. Miller
BurrellAda.594Frank Branaman
BurrellB. H..594Frank Branaman
BurrellCatherine.557Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellEstella.557Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellH. A..619William C. Ball
BurrellHugh.557Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellHugh A..554Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellHugh A..555Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellHugh A..556Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellJohn B..669Orlean R. Emerson
BurrellJohn H..554Hugh A. Burrell
BurrellJohn H..594Frank Branaman
BurrellNellie.557Hugh A. Burrell
BurseMary.584James P. McMillan, M. D.
BusbyJohn.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ButlerNathan.725Joseph Goss


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