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The goal of this blog is to document my research into the genealogy of southern Indiana, particularly that of Jackson and Lawrence Counties. As I gather original information, I will include it here with images. I would greatly appreciate any images that others may care to share. I will post them here with a grateful acknowledgement. I also love Sudoku puzzles and publish original ones from time to time. The address for the sudoku blog is http://uniqueandfunsudokupuzzles.blogspot.com/

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames S-V

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between S-V mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
SageJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
SawhillIsabella.677Alexander N. Nilson
SchroederC. H..559George F. Turmail
SchulerF. J..700J. L. Beldon
SchulerGeorge M..700J. L. Beldon
SchulerLouise.700J. L. Beldon
SchummacherElizabeth.581F. William Pohlmann
SchwabPeter.716Henry C. Beyer
SchwartzGeorge.717Henry C. Beyer
SchwartzMary M..717Henry C. Beyer
ScoopmireLois.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ScoopmireVance.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ScoopmireWilliam B..584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ScottAlexander.610Alexander Scott
ScottAlexander.616William Ezra Scott
ScottAlexander.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
ScottAnderson.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
ScottBelle.573William H. Bower
ScottBenjamin F..611Alexander Scott
ScottCarrie Bell.612Alexander Scott
ScottCharles.741Clement I. Lanier
ScottDaniel.611Alexander Scott
ScottDaniel E..612Alexander Scott
ScottJames.611Alexander Scott
ScottJames M..611Alexander Scott
ScottJames M..612Alexander Scott
ScottJohn.608William M. Matlock
ScottJohn WilliamMrs.611Alexander Scott
ScottLew W..616William Ezra Scott
ScottMartha.611Alexander Scott
ScottMaurice J..616William Ezra Scott
ScottNancy C..611Alexander Scott
ScottNorma F..612Alexander Scott
ScottParthenia.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
ScottParthenie.611Alexander Scott
ScottWilliam.611Alexander Scott
ScottWilliam.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
ScottWilliam Ezra.612Alexander Scott
ScottWilliam Ezra.615William Ezra Scott
SearsJacob.745The Wright Family
SearsKatharine.745The Wright Family
SecristCatherine.576Cornelius V. Trautman
SeibenburgenH. J..544City Public Schools
SetserPearl.589Jacob S. Lutes
SettlesSusan.645William A. Miller
Seward.Mr.532Express Robberies
ShaferMatilda.606Charles D. Pettigrew, M. D.
ShawMary.569Henry Mullen
Sherman.Gen.721John Fox
ShewmakerEuniceMrs.622Leonard C. Huffington
ShewmakerJohn R..534Pioneer Experiences
ShewmakerJosiah.534Pioneer Experiences
ShewmakerJosiah.622Leonard C. Huffington
ShewmakerJosiah.622Leonard C. Huffington
ShewmakerLeonard C..622Leonard C. Huffington
ShewmakerLewis C..534Pioneer Experiences
ShewmakerNancy.622Leonard C. Huffington
ShielJ. F..544Financial and Commerical
ShieldsAbel.549Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsAbel.550Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsEthel A..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsEthel P..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsFranklin B..664James M. Shields, M D.
ShieldsHarry S.D. D. S.550Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsHarry S..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsJ. T.Dr.664James M. Shields, M. D.
ShieldsJamesCol.664James M. Shields, M. D.
ShieldsJames M.M. D.663James M. Shields, M. D.
ShieldsJames S..663James M. Shields, M. D.
ShieldsJames W..530Seymour and Vicinity
ShieldsJewell K..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsLawrence H..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsM. W..536Some Peculiarities
ShieldsM. W.Capt.543City Public Schools
ShieldsM. W..540The morgan Raid
ShieldsMabel.664James M. Shields, M. D.
ShieldsMargaret B..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsMeedy W..530Seymour and Vicinity
ShieldsReuben.549Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsReuben.550Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsScott W..551Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsSeth W.D. D. S.549Seth W. Shields, D. D. S.
ShieldsW. H..717Henry C. Beyer
SingerAlbert M..621Morse B. Singer
SingerAnneMrs.620Morse B Singer
SingerArnold F..620Morse B. Singer
SingerCharles O..621Morse B. Singer
SingerChristena.620Morse B. Singer
SingerChristopher W..620Morse B. Singer
SingerClarence W..621Morse B. Singer
SingerEdith.621Morse B. Singer
SingerElizabeth.620Morse B. Singer
SingerEllen.620Morse B. Singer
SingerEmma.621Morse B. Singer
SingerGeorge.620Morse B. Singer
SingerGoldie.621Morse B. Singer
SingerIrva.621Morse B. Singer
SingerJacob.620Morse B. Singer
SingerJames B..621Morse B. Singer
SingerLowton O..620Morse B. Singer
SingerMary.620Morse B. Singer
SingerMorse B..620Morse B. Singer
SingerMorse B.Jr.621Morse B. Singer
SingerMyron.621Morse B. Singer
SingerOlla.621Morse B. Singer
SingerPauline.621Morse B. Singer
SingerSally.620Morse B. Singer
SingerSelma.621Morse B. Singer
SingerSusan.620Morse B. Singer
SingerWilliam.620Morse B. Singer
SladeSamuel.528Indian Reminiscences
SlagelGeorge.553Col. Kennedy Brown
SlagleAndrew.595George Slagle
SlagleElizabeth.595George Slagle
SlagleFrank.595George Slagle
SlagleGeorge.542Modern Jackson
SlagleGeorge.595George Slagle
SlagleHarriet S..55George Slagle
SlagleHenry.595George Slagle
SlagleJames.595George Slagle
SlagleJane.595George Slagle
SlagleJohn.595George Slagle
SlagleLewis.595George Slagle
SlagleMary.595George slagle
SlagleRachael.595George Slagle
SlagleRebecca.595George Slagle
SlagleSamuel.595George Slagle
SmithCarrie.592Henry Zollman
SmithDelilah.554Col. Kennedy Brown
SmithGeorge A..566Clyde C. Mcmillan
SmithHenry G..645William A. Miller
SmithHettieMrs.741Clement I. Lanier
SmithIda.645William A. Miller
SmithKirby.681Samuel Hunsucker
SmithNancy.731William Fultz
SmithSamuel.554Col. Kennedy Brown
SmithSarah.566Clyde C. McMillan
SmithSarah.586James P. McMillan, M. D.
SmithThaddeus.554Col. Kennedy Brown
SmithWilliam H.Dr.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
SmithWilliam H.M. D.585James P. McMillan
SmithWilliam H.Dr.704David J. Cummings, M. D.
SontagMorse.621Morse B. Singer
SontagSelma P..621Morse B. Singer
SparksFrank.531Express Robberies
SparksJohn T..709William H. Murray
SparksVirginia.709William H. Murray
SpeaksEmzilla.622Leonard C. Huffington
SprigmanSallyMrs.620Morse B. Singer
St. JohnM. A..544Financial and Commercial
StarkElizabeth.668Orlean R. Emerson
Stark.Gen.668Orlean R. Emerson
StarrJacob F..614Jacob F. Starr
StarrJames.615Jacob F. Starr
StarrJohn.615Jacob F. Starr
StarrLemuel.615Jacob F. Starr
StarrNorman.615Jacob F. Starr
StarrNorman.638Newton Dodds
StarrPhilip.614Jacob F. Starr
StarrSarah E..704David J. Cummings, M. D.
Stevens.Gen.736William Robertson
StewartCynthia.676James H. Davis
StockdaleLucetta.686Jonathan Robertson
StormJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
StousLydia.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
StroudMary.675Alfred Beatty
StroudRiley.675Alfred Beatty
StuckwishFrederick.659John G. Stuckwish
StuckwishFrederickJr.660John G. Stuckwish
StuckwishHarry.660John G. Stuckwish
StuckwishJohn G..659John G. Stuckwish
StunkelCaroline.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelCatherine M..729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelDora.729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelElizabeth.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelFrederick.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelHenrietta M..729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelHenry.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelJ. Henry.727J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelJ. Henry.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelJohn.729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelLouise.728J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelRaymond Henry.729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelWilhelmena.729J. Henry Stunkel
StunkelWilliam G..728J. Henry Stunkel
SturgeonRobert.528Indian Reminiscences
SullivanCarrie.655Thomas J. Plummer
SullivanIra.655Thomas J. Plummer
SturgeonRobert.528Indian Reminiscences
SullivanCarrie.655Thomas J. Plummer
SullivanIra.655Thomas J. Plummer
SummerJohn.677James H. Davis
SummersAlice.639John Summers
SummersJohnJr.638John Summers
SummersJohnSr.639John Summers
SummersJohnIII639John summers
SummersThompson.639John Summers
SundermanHannah.637William H. Endebrock
SundermanHenry.637William H. Endebrock
SundermanSophia.637William H. Endebrock
SuttonSusane.751James Wray
SwainHenry.671Jonathan Robertson
SwainMary E..671Jonathan Robertson
SweeneyMinnie.714James Marsh
SwopeF. M..543City Public Schools

SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
TaberWilliam.528Indian Reminiscences
TannehillSophia O..618Francis E. Callahan
TashGeorge.628Francis M. Thompson
TaylorGeorge.661Jonah Gilbert
TaylorPolly.582Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ThomasJ. B..683John W. Holmes
ThompsonA. F..691James B. Thompson
ThompsonAda.566L. B. Hill, M. D.
ThompsonAlexander.614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonC. W..751Henry M. Lutes
ThompsonClinton L..628Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonClyde M..693James B. Thompson
ThompsonDella.629Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonDesireMrs.590William W. Isaacs
ThompsonElizabethMrs.751Henry M. Lutes
ThompsonElla.655Thomas J. Plummer
ThompsonFloyd.629Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonFrancis M..627Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonHolmes A..693James B. Thompson
ThompsonJamesSr.614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonJamesJr.614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonJames.628Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonJames B..691James B. Thompson
ThompsonJane.614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonJosephine.614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonLaura U..628Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonLeona J..693James B. Thompson
ThompsonM. Jane.751Henry M. Lutes
ThompsonMary E..614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonMary I..590William W. Isaacs
ThompsonMinnie.629Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonPearley.629Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonPolly E..627Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonPolly Ora.628Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonRalph.693James B. Thompson
ThompsonRobert D..614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonRozeta A..751Henry M. Lutes
ThompsonSilas.590William W. Isaacs
ThompsonTheodore M.Capt.566L. B. Hill, M. D.
ThompsonThomas W..614Calvin C. Hill
ThompsonTurner.627Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonUnity.628Francis M. Thompson
ThompsonWilliam.647George W. Humphrey
ThompsonWilliam.691James B. Thompson
TippsElizabeth.588Jacob S. Lutes
Tipton.Gen.529Indian Reminiscences
ToodZipporah.626Thomas F. Zollman
TopieMinnie.659John G. Stuckwish
TorbetLucy A..565L. B. Hill, M. D.
TormoehlenFrederick.640John W. Tormoehlen
TormoehlenFrederick.643John Montel
TormoehlenFrederickSr.647Theodore F. Tormoehlen
TormoehlenFrederickJr.647Theodore F. Tormoehlen
TormoehlenGeorge.640John W. Tormoehlen
TormoehlenJohn William.639John W. Tormoehlen
TormoehlenLucinda.643John Montel
TormoehlenTheodore F..647Theodore F. Tormoehlen
TrautmanBessie.577Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanCornelius V..576Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanGeorge Henry.577Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanHerman Hinderlider.577Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanHerschel Lamont.578Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanIda.577Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanJoseph A..576Cornelius V. Trautman
TrautmanMargaret.577Cornelius V. Trautman
TrowbridgeNancy.744Michael Waskom
TruebloodAnna L..568John A. Trueblood
TruebloodJames.567John A. Trueblood
TruebloodJames A..568John A. Trueblood
TruebloodJohn A..567John A. Trueblood
TruebloodWilliam.568John A. Trueblood
TrumboCharles.658Benjamin Carter
TrumboTravis.658Benjamin Carter
TurmailAnna.559George F. Turmail
TurmailClarence.559George F. Turmail
TurmailElizabeth.559George F. Turmail
TurmailFrederick.558George F. Turmail
TurmailGeorge F.Sr.558George F. Turmail
TurmailGeorge F.Jr.559George F. Turmail
TurmailJohn.559George F. Turmail
TurmailLucinda.559George F. Turmail
TurmailSimeon.559George F. Turmail
TurmailTheodore.559George F. Turmail
TurmailWilliam.559George F. Turmail

SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
UnderwoodDorcas.647 George W. Humphrey

SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
VanceFrank M..564Daniel P. Hinderlider
VanclevePreston.685Jonathan Robertson
VawterHarriet.562J. E. Payne
VawterTassel.562J. E. Payne
VeazeyAlexander M.M. D.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyArmor.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyElijah.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyElisha.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyHenry.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyJames.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyJennie.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyJohn.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyMargaret.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VeazeyWilliam.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
VermilionJosephineMrs.645William A. Miller
VermilyaJ. C.Dr. 564Daniel P. Hinderlider
VermilyaWright.631James H. Findley
Von Behren Caroline.734Henry Frey, D. D.


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