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The goal of this blog is to document my research into the genealogy of southern Indiana, particularly that of Jackson and Lawrence Counties. As I gather original information, I will include it here with images. I would greatly appreciate any images that others may care to share. I will post them here with a grateful acknowledgement. I also love Sudoku puzzles and publish original ones from time to time. The address for the sudoku blog is http://uniqueandfunsudokupuzzles.blogspot.com/

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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames P-R

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between P-R mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
ParkerA. J..669Henry Zollman
ParkerJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
PatrickLavinia.664James M. Shields, M. D.
PayneEliza.616William Ezra Scott
PayneHorace.612Alexander Scott
PayneIda M..616William Ezra Scott
PayneJ. E..542Educational
PayneJ. E..561J. E. Payne
PayneJames H..561J. E. Payne
PayneJeremiah.561J. E. Payne
PayneJohn D..616William Ezra Scott
PeckCatherine.587James P. McMillan, M. D.
PeckCatherine.587Ludwig Ernst
PeckCatherine.645David Colburn
PeckDaniel.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
PeckEllen.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
PeckEllen.580John M. Hinderlider
PeckMaryMrs.575Captain Willison C. Hall
PeckSyble.592Henry Zollman
PeterEmmaMrs.636George G. Graessle, M. D.
PeterF. W..743August G. Osterman, M. D.
PettigrewD. A.Mrs.605Charles D. Pettigrew, M. D.
PfaffenbergerWright.751James Wray
PfaffenbergerJoseph.750Cyrus D. Crabb
PillensA. J..743August G. Osterman, M. D.
PlumberDon C..662Samuel T. Lockhart
PlummerAlexander Campbell.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerAlfred.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerAngeline.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerCurtice.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerDaisy.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerDon.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerElizabeth.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerEllen.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerEmma.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerHerman Leland.655Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerHester A..654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerJeremiah.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerJohn.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerJohn A..654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerMargaret.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerMary Ann.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerMordica C..654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerNewton.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerRussell Mayo.655Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerSarah A..654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerScott.654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerTheodore O..655Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerThomas J..654Thomas J. Plummer
PlummerThompson J..654Thomas J.
PlummerWilliam J..654Thomas J. Plummer
PohlmannAmanda.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannCharles.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannClara.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannEmma.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannF. WilliamRev.580F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannFrederick.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannHelena.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannHenry.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannIda.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannLewis.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannLouis.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannLouisa.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannMartin.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannMathilda.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannPaul.581F. William Pohlmann
PohlmannSelma.581F. William Pohlmann
PollertHannahMrs.640John W. Tormoehlen
PollertHenry.640John W. Tormoehlen
PollertMary.640John W. Tormoehlen
PollickAlta Z..571Francis M. Foster
PollickCatherineMrs.571Francis M. Foster
PollickPhilander.571Francis M. Foster
PollockMartha.566Clyde C. McMillan
PratherAlbert.599Arthur E. McMillan
PratherAlbert.635William H. Carr
PratherCarrie.573William H. Bower
PratherLilly.635William H. Carr
PratherPearl.586James P. McMillan, M. D.
PratherPearl.599Arther E. McMillan
PriceB. F..624B. F. Price
PruettThomas B..704David J. Cummings, M. D.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
RaineyMartha.704David J. Cummings, M. D.
RalphBenjamin.629Francis M. Thompson
RalphElizabeth.629Francis M. Thompson
RalphSemira.629Francis M. Thompson
RappW. Garfield.717Henry C. Beyer
RappWilliam.718Robert I. Craig
RawlingsLucy.695John W. Hamacher
RayJames.579Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
RedmanAdaline.668Orlean R. Emerson
ReedEliza.578Alexander M. Veazey, M. D.
ReedGeorge.685Jonathan Robertson
ReedJohn.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ReedNancy C..583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ReedaElizabethMrs.572Joel Jackson
ReedaSarah.572Joel Jackson
ReedaWilliam.572Joel Jackson
ReidRebecca.639John Summers
RenoClinton.533Express Robberies
RenoFrank.532Express Robberies
RenoJohn.531Express Robberies
RenoSimeon.531Express Robberies
RenoWilliam.532Express Robberies
RenshahausAmelia L..711William C. Miller
RenshahausFrederick.711William C. Miller
RevermanAdalaidMrs.616Herman Reverman
RevermanHerman.616Herman Reverman
RevermanWilliam.616Herman Reverman
ReynoldsAndrew.744Michael Waskom
ReynoldsLaura J..560Barney Lahrman
ReynoldsNancy.658Benjamin Carter
ReynoldsNancy.744Michael Waskom
RhinehardtLydia E..750Cyrus D. Crabb
RhodesFrank.685Jonathan Robertson
Richard.Dr.679Alexander N. Nilson
RichardsEverett.685Jonathan Robertson
RichardsM. E..616William Ezra Scott
RichardsS. D. Burr.680Samuel Hunsucker
RichardsSusan.654Thomas J. Plummer
RichmanReason A..669Orlean R. Emerson
RileyWilliam.608William M. Matlock
RobertsPrudence.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
RobertsonAliceMrs.741Clement I. Lanier
RobertsonAndrew.666James Robertson
RobertsonAndrew.670Johnathan Robertson
RobertsonAndrew.736William Robertson
RobertsonAndrew F..667James Robertson
RobertsonBlaze.670Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonBlaze.736William Robertson
RobertsonCaroline.671Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonCharles A..670Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonClara.666James Robertson
RobertsonClifford.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonColumbus.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonEaster.632James H. Findley
RobertsonEffie.667James Robertson
RobertsonElnora.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonEsther.666James Robertson
RobertsonEugenia S..739William Robertson
RobertsonFitzhugh Lee.741Clement I. Lanier
RobertsonFlorence.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonGenevieve.671Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonGeorge.667James Robertson
RobertsonGeorge A..739William Robertson
RobertsonGrover.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonHarriet.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonHolmes.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonHosea.741Clement I. Lanier
RobertsonInez.686Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonJ. Benjamin.739William Robertson
RobertsonJames.665James Robertson
RobertsonJames.679Alexander N. Nilson
RobertsonJames N..736William Robertson
RobertsonJennie.666James Robertson
RobertsonJessie.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonJohn.667James Robertson
RobertsonJohn B..670Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonJohn B..736William Robertson
RobertsonJonathan.669Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonJonathan.684Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonJosephine.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonLancaster.667James Robertson
RobertsonLaura.685Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonLouisa.679Alexander N. Nilson
RobertsonMary.666James Robertson
RobertsonMaryMrs.679Alexander N. Nilson
RobertsonMillard.739William Robertson
RobertsonNancy C.Mrs.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonReah.686Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonRoscoe.551Seth W. Shields, D. D.
RobertsonRose.666James Robertson
RobertsonRoss.739William Robertson
RobertsonRuth.739William Robertson
RobertsonSarah.736William Robertson
RobertsonSophia.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonThomasDr.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
RobertsonThomas.739William Robertson
RobertsonWayne.686Jonathan Robertson
RobertsonWilliam.665James Robertson
RobertsonWilliam.667James Robertson
RobertsonWilliam.735William Robertson
RobertsonWilliam W..739William Robertson
RobinsonMary.749Cyrus D. Crabb
RodgersAcquilla.647George W. Humphrey
RoederAnn.715John Lebine
RogersDavid.528Indian Reminiscences
RoseRachel.734August V. Goecker
RoseRachel.743August G. Osterman, M. D.
Roseberry.Mr.531Express Robberies
RubigKate.715John Lebine
RuckerEllenMrs.577Cornelius V. Trautman
RuckerNellie Hinderlider.577Cornelius V. Trautman
RuckerPeru.577Cornelius V. Trautman
RuddickElisha.535Pioneer Experiences
RuddickWilliam.528Indian Reminiscences
RunyanHannah M..702Alfred W. Mills
RuppAlvina.605William Rupp
RuppCatherine.605William Rupp
RuppFrederick.605William Rupp
RuppJacob.605William Rupp
RuppJohn.605William Rupp
RuppLena.605William Rupp
RuppLizzie.605William Rupp
RuppLouise J..605William Rupp
RuppLouise K..605William Rupp
RuppPhilip.605William Rupp
RuppWilliam.604William Rupp
RuppWilliam.605William Rupp
RushDorcas Ann.724Joseph Goss
RussellNoah.716Henry C. Beyer
RyanAnn.629David Fitzgibbon


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