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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames G-H

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between G-H mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
GallionAngeline.598Clairborn Weddell
GallionMary E..741Clement I. Lanier
GeorgeD. H..616William Ezra Scott
GeorgeJ. W. F.Dr.544City Public Schools
GettyCarolina.702Alfred W. Mills
GeyerAnna M..559George F. Turmail
GeyerLewis.559George F. Turmail
GeyerMaryMrs.559George F. Turmail
GibsonAllen.603George W. Gibson, M. D.
GibsonAlphonsine.662Samuel T. Lockhart
GibsonF. W.Dr.661Samuel T. Lockhart
GibsonGeorge W.M. D.603George W. Gibson, M. D.
GibsonMary K.Mrs.662Samuel T. Lockhart
GilbertAlbert.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertAngie.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertBenjamin H..661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertCora.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertEmeline.660Jonah Gilbert
GilbertEmma.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertJames G..723Charles Welliver
GilbertJonah.660Jonah Gilbert
GilbertJoseph.660Jonah Gilbert
GilbertLourvin.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertMary V..661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertOra.661Jonah Gilbert
GilbertPolly.660Jonah Gilbert
GilbertSmith J..713James Marsh
GilbertWhitney.660Jonah Gilbert
GilbertWilliam Oscar.661Jonah Gilbert
GlossonAlma.709William H. Murray
GlossonMary E.Mrs.709William H. Murray
GlossonOlliver P..709William H. Murray
GlossonZelma.709William H. Murray
GoeckerAlbert.735August V. Goecker
GoeckerAnna.735August V. Goecker
GoeckerArthur.735August V. Goecker
GoeckerAugust.735August V. Goecker
GoeckerAugust V..734August V. Goecker
GoeckerHenry.735August V. Goecker
GoeckerJohn.735August V. Goecker
GoodykontzVon.633Nathan Farmer Davis, M. D.
GordanC. A.Capt.661Samuel T. Lockhart
GossAllen.730Orva M. Goss
GossAmerica.574William H. Bower
GossCaroline.645William A. Miller
GossDorcas Ann.730Orva M. Goss
GossDorcas Ann.740Clement I. Lanier
GossFlora E..730Orva M. Goss
GossFloyd A..730Orva M. Goss
GossIda.725Joseph Goss
GossJames.725Joseph Goss
GossJohn F..730Joseph Goss
GossJoseph.724Joseph Goss
GossJoseph.729Orva M. Goss
GossJoseph.740Clement I. Lanier
GossMargaret M..730Orva M. Goss
GossMary E..725Joseph Goss
GossOliver M..730Orva M. Goss
GossOrva M..729Orva M. Goss
GossPearl M..730Orva M. Goss
GossSamuel.574William H. Bower
GossWilliam A..730Orva M. Goss
GossettJohn.645David Colburn
GossitRachel.709Benjamin Diggs
GraessleAndrewRev.635George G. Graessle, M. D.
GraessleG. G.Dr.544City Public Schools
GraessleGeorge G.M. D.635George G. Graessle, M. D.
GrahamNora L..613Harry M. Miller
GrahamWilliam.528Indian Reminiscences
GrayAlice K..553Col. Kennedy Brown
GrayHenderson.553Col. Kennedy Brown
GreemanL. F..544Financial and Commercial
GreenP. T.Dr.550Seth W. Shields D. D. S.
GreerJohn.558John C. Wells
GreerKatherine.558John C. Wells
GreerMary AnnMrs.558John C. Wells
GreySamuel.725Joseph Goss
GriffithF. M.Hon.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
GriffithJohn.528Indian Reminiscences
GroubEmma.673William F. Masters
GroubJohn C..544Financial and Commercial
GroubJohn C..672William F. Masters
GruberHarlan.722John Fox
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
HallC. H.Prof.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
HallCreed T..575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallDouglas.575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallElizabeth.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HallGeorge W..575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallGeorge Washington.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HallHester.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HallInfant.575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallMargaret.730Orva M. Goss
HallMary Ann.553Col. Kennedy Brown
HallMary Ellen.575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallRebecca.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HallRebecca.575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallWilliam C..574Captain Willison C. Hall
HallWilliam W..575Captain Willison C. Hall
HallWillison C.Capt.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HamacherFrederick.695John W. Hamacher
HamacherJohn W..695John W. Hamacher
HamacherSamuel.695John W. Hamacher
HamacherSamuel V..696John W. Hamacher
HamacherWilliam R..696John W. Hamacher
HamiltonB. G..611Alexander Scott
HamiltonBenjamin G..655Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonEmily.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonEmmett.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonEssie.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonEsther.684Jonathan Robertson
HamiltonEsther.736William Robertson
HamiltonHuldah.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonJames.665James Robertson
HamiltonJames K..600George W. Zollman
HamiltonJennie.592Henry Zollman
HamiltonJennie E..600George W. Zollman
HamiltonJohn.592Henry Zollman
HamiltonJohn.627Thomas F. Zollman
HamiltonJohn H..685Jonathan Robertson
HamiltonJohn R..632James H. Findley
HamiltonLeroy.655Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonLiddy.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonMargaret M..600George W. Zollman
HamiltonMartin.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonMary.665James Robertson
HamiltonMary Hannah.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonNancy.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonSarah.632James H. Findley
HamiltonScott.656Benjamin G. Hamilton
HamiltonWilliam.655Benjamin G. Hamilton
HammondWalker.531Express Robberies
HannerLouisa J..603Daniel C. Bower
HardingLaura.706Josiah H. Andrews
HarperJames S..56L. B. Hill, M. D.
HarrellCatharineMrs.685Jonathan Robertson
HarrellIsaac.649John G. Jamison
HarrellJohn.685Jonathan Robertson
HarrellLouisa.649John G. Jamison
HarrellNancy A..575Captain Willison C. Hall
HarrellSusan.685Jonathan Robertson
HarrellWaller.649John G. Jamison
HarrellWilliam.575Captain Willison C. Hall
HarrettRoxana.730Orva M. Goss
HarrisonAnnie.660Jonah Gilbert
HarrolMary J..682John W. Holmes
HauerRosa.681Samuel Hunsucker
HeilinJohn.646George W. Humphrey
HeiterLowery.583Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
HellerFredM. D.549James F. Keach
HendersonEliza Adeline.612Alexander Scott
HendersonElizabeth.612Alexander Scott
HendersonElizabethMrs.752James Wray
HendersonElmer S..645David Colburn
HendersonJ. M..612Alexander Scott
HendersonJames M..752James Wray
HendersonWilma E..752James Wray
HendricksMariah.673Alfred Beatty
HessJohn.727Daniel Empson
HideniderJohn M.M. D.600George W. Zollman
HillCalvin C..613Calvin C. Hill
HillCatharineMrs.613Calvin C. Hill
HillCynthia A..613Calvin C. Hill
HillDonley.614Calvin C. Hill
HillDouglass.613Calvin C. Hill
HillEdward.614Calvin C. Hill
HillEllen.613Calvin C. Hill
HillGrover.614Calvin C. Hill
HillJacob M..613Calvin C. Hill
HillJess B..613Calvin C. Hill
HillL. B.M. D.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
HillLois.635William H. Carr
HillMargaret.613Calvin C. Hill
HillWillard.614Calvin C. Hill
HillWilliam D..565L. B. Hill, M. D.
HiltMargaret.721John Fox
HinderliderAdam.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderAngie.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderDaniel.580John M. Hinderlider
HinderliderDaniel P..563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderDaniel P..623Leonard C. Huffington
HinderliderEllen.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderEveMrs.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderEveline.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderFannie.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderJoel.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderJoel.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HinderliderJoel.580John M. Hinderlider
HinderliderJoel V..564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderJohn.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderJohn M..564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderJohn M..579John M. Hinderlider
HinderliderLillian.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderMaryMrs.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderMary.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderMichael.563Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderMichael.574Captain Willison C. Hall
HinderliderMichael C..564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderOlean.623Leonard C. Huffington
HinderliderOlive.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderOrpha.564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HinderliderWellington.564Daniel P Hinderlider
HobbsBarnabas C..612Harry M. Miller
HobbsRuth.612Harry M. Miller
HobsonMillburn.592Henry Zollman
HobsonNancy.592Henry Zollman
HobsonNancy.626Thomas F. Zollman
HocketP. V..647George W. Humphrey
Hockman.Mr.528Indian Reminiscences
HolcombHulda.724Charles Welliver
HollandW. R..626Thomas F. Zollman
HollandWilliam R..592Henry Zollman
HolmesB. S..682John W. Holmes
HolmesDelilah.585James P. McMillan, M. D.
HolmesEffie.683John W. Holmes
HolmesIdelia.587Ludwig Ernst
HolmesJ. W..693James B. Thompson
HolmesJohn W..585James P. McMillan, M. D.
HolmesJohn W..587Ludwig Ernst
HolmesJohn W..682John W. Holmes
HolmesMartha.725Daniel Empson
HolmesMollie.683John W. Holmes
HolmesMollie.693James B. Thompson
HolmesNettie.683John W. Holmes
HolmesRobert.682John W. Holmes
HomesEmilyMrs.598Clairborn Weddell
HooverF..679Alexander N. Nilson
HorstmanSophia.656Frederick J. Meyer
HotchkissDavid G..628Francis M. Thompson
HottingtonL. C..564Daniel P. Hinderlider
HousekeeperJ. C..544City Public Schools
HuffAbraham.528Indian Reminiscences
HuffingtonAlbert M. G..622Leonard C. Huffington
HuffingtonArretta Ann.650Robert J. Eshom
HuffingtonC. E. W..622Leonard C. Huffington
HuffingtonJames.622Leonard C. Huffington
HuffingtonJames M..650Robert J. Eshom
HuffingtonJosephus.622Leonard C.Huffington
HuffingtonJosiah.622Leonard C. Huffington
HuffingtonLeonard C..622Leonard C. Huffington
HuffmanS. H..543City Public Schools
HugeWilliamRev.581F. William Pohlmann
HughesD. M..627Thomas F. Zollman
HughesDavid M..592Henry Zollman
HughesJesse.654Thomas J. Plummer
HughesMartin.654Thomas J. Plummer
HughesSarah.654Thomas J. Plummer
HuittMary A..700J. L. Beldon
HuittichAlbert.719Robert I. Craig
HuittichHenrietta.718Robert I. Craig
HuittichJulius.718Robert I. Craig
HuittichJulius.719Robert I. Craig
HumesWilliam.544City Public Schools
HummacherJohn.559George F. Turmail
HumphreyAlice.620William C. Ball
HumphreyDella.647George W. Humphrey
HumphreyEdward.646George W. Humhprey
HumphreyElijah.646George W. Humphrey
HumphreyFrank.647George W. Humphrey
HumphreyGeorge W..646George W. Humphrey
HumphreyJohn.620William C. Ball
HumphreyJohn.646George W. Humphrey
HumphreyLaura.647George W. Humphrey
HumphreyM. Louisa.646George W. Humphrey
HumphreyMarion.646George W. Humphrey
HumphreyMaryMrs.620William C. Ball
HunicuttSarah Elizabeth.679Alexander N. Nilson
HunkeL..656Frederick J. Meyer
HunsuckerAddie.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerAnn.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerAnna.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerCharmel.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerClara.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerEliza.589Jacob S. Lutes
HunsuckerFrank.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerFreida.644Josiah L. Hunsucker
HunsuckerGeorge.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerHarley.644Josiah L. Hunsucker
HunsuckerIda.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerIrene.644Josiah L. Hunsucker
HunsuckerJohn.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerJonas.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerJosiah L..643Josiah L. Hunsucker
HunsuckerLucy.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerNera.681Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerRachel.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerRhoda.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerRuby.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerSamuel.643Josiah L. Hunsucker
HunsuckerSamuel.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerSarah Ann.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerThomas.680Samuel Hunsucker
HunsuckerWilliam.679Alexander N. Nilson
HunsuckerWinnie.680Samuel Hunsucker
HuppLouisaMrs.661Jonah Gilbert
HuppNancy E..661Jonah Gilbert
HuppWilliam.661Jonah Gilbert
HustedtWilliam.683John W. Holmes
HutchesonJames.528Indian Reminiscences


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