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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jackson County History Index--Surnames E-F

I am starting a project of posting a transcription of part of the book Biographical Record of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties Indiana, Including Biographies of the Governors and Other Representative Citizens of Indiana. This book was published in 1904 by B. F. Bowen. Over the next few weeks I plan to publish the entire Jackson County portion of this book. It contains a synopsis of the history of the county, as well as the biographies of many of the leading families. Today's posting includes an index of all the surnames between E and Findley mentioned in the Jackson County portion of the book. Along with each name is the page number of the book upon which they are found, as well as the section or biography in which they are mentioned.
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
EarlyNewton.669Orlean R. Emerson
EastonBertha.730Orva M. Goss
EastonElias.730Orva M. Goss
EastonPolly.655Benjamin G. Hamilton
EbnerJohn.662Lawrence A. Ebner
EbnerLawrence A..662Lawrence A. Ebner
EdwardsPolly A..700J. L. Beldon
EdwardsSimeon.701J. L. Beldon
EdwardsWilliam.701J. L. Beldon
ElliotVal.531Express Robberies
EmersonBruce.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonFay.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonFlorence.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonFloyd.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonFrankJudge668Orlean R. Henderson
EmersonFrank.669Orelean R. Henderson
EmersonJoseph.668Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonMaude.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonMay.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonOrlean.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonOrlean R..668Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonOrra.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonViola.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmersonVirginia.669Orlean R. Emerson
EmmertsonG. M.Hon.565L. B. Hill, M. D.
EmpsonAzariah.725Daniel Empson
EmpsonBlaine.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonBud.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonDaniel.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonDaniel.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonFrancis.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonFrank.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonHolmes.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonIsadore.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonJohn.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonJulia A..726Daniel Empson
EmpsonMargaret.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonMarion.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonMartha.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonMartha B..726Daniel Empson
EmpsonMary C..726Daniel Empson
EmpsonNancy.726Daniel Empson
EmpsonNettie.727Daniel Empson
EmpsonWade.727Daniel Empson
EndebrockClara.637William H. Endebrock
EndebrockJohn H..636William H. Endebrock
EndebrockLouisa.637William H. Endebrock
EndebrockWilliam H..636William H. Endebrock
EnochsC. O..739William Robertson
ErbMargaret.718Robert I. Craig
ErnerE. E.Rev.584Marshall L. V. Wilson, M. D.
ErnstFrederick.586Ludwig Ernst
ErnstFrederick.587Ludwig Ernst
ErnstHarry L..587Ludwig Ernst
ErnstLudwig.586Ludwig Ernst
ErnstOtto W..587Ludwig Ernst
EshomCharles P..650Robert J. Eshom
EshomRhoda.644David Colburn
EshomRobert.650Robert J. Eshom
EshomRobertJr.650Robert J. Eshom
EshomRobert J..650Robert J. Eshom
EshomRobert Marshall.651Robert J. Eshom
EvansRachel.621Morse B. Singer
EwingEliza P..530Seymour and Vicinity
EwingRachel.641Harry E. Yost, M. D.
EwingThomas.681Samuel Hunsucker
Ewing.Dr.538The News of Fort Sumter
SurnameGiven NameTitlePageSection or Biography
FabionObedience.617Herman Reverman
FaubianMalinda.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
FaubianMoses.703David J. Cummings, M. D.
FaulkFrank.619William C. Ball
FehneH. B.Prof.581F. William Pohlmann
FerrisMartha.707Josiah H. Andrews
FerrisSherwood.707Josiah H. Andrews
FindleyAbel.630James H. Findley
FindleyAble.693George Findley
FindleyDelia.694George Findley
FindleyEmily E..694George Findley
FindleyFlorence A..694George Findley
FindleyGeorge.631James H. Findley
FindleyGeorge.693George Findley
FindleyGeorge.694George Findley
FindleyHettie.631James H. Findley
FindleyHettie.694George Findley
FindleyHugh A..630James H. Findley
FindleyHugh A..693George Findley
FindleyJ. H..694George Findley
FindleyJames H..554Hugh A. Burrell
FindleyJames H..630James H. Findley
FindleyJosephine.694George Findley
FindleyLuna.694George Findley
FindleyMary.554Hugh A. Burrell
FindleyMary.594Frank Branaman
FindleyNora.694George Findley
FindleyPearl.694George Findley
FindleyThomas.694George Findley
FislarSusan.547James F. Keach
FislerSarah.700J. L. Beldon
FitzgibbonAnna.629David Fitzgibbon
FitzgibbonDavid.629David Fitzgibbon
FitzgibbonDavid.635William H. Carr
FitzgibbonFlorence.629David Fitzgibbon
FitzgibbonJohn.629David Fitzgibbon
FitzgibbonMichael.629David Fitzgibbon
FitzgibbonsE. M..614Calvin C. Hill
FlandersJames.531Express Robberies
FleetwoodAdam.679Alexander N. Nilson
FleetwoodEmily Jane.676James H. Davis
FleetwoodJesse.676James H. Davis
FleetwoodOlie.679Alexander N. Nilson
FlynnJoseph.638Newton Dodds
FordJ. L..537The News of Fort Sumter
FordWilliam.608William m. Matlock
FosterBarbara.720Solomon Ackeret
FosterCraven T..570Solomon Ackeret
FosterDavid.720Solomon Ackeret
FosterE. L..713James Marsh
FosterEben C..570Francis M. Foster
FosterFannie M..571Francis M. Foster
FosterFrances.552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
FosterFrancis M..570Francis M. Foster
FosterHomer B..571Francis M. Foster
FosterJames P..570Francis M. Foster
FosterJohn.570Francis M. Foster
FosterJohn W..570Francis M. Foster
FosterJosiah C..570Francis M. Foster
FosterLewis.552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
FosterLewis M..570Francis M. Foster
FosterMargaret.571Francis M. Foster
FosterMarthaMrs.571Francis M. Foster
FosterMary E..552Hiram A. Cummings, M. D.
FosterMary Jane.570Francis M. Foster
FosterNancy A..570Francis M. Foster
FosterOscar.571Francis M. Foster
FosterSamuel.570Francis M. Foster
FosterSamuel C..570Francis M. Foster
FosterSarah I..570Francis M. Foster
FosterSarah J..598Clairborn Weddell
FosterWilliam.570Francis M. Foster
FountainA. S..559George F. Turmail
FowlerSamuel.617Herman Reverman
FowlerSarah.617Herman Reverman
FoxBenjamin H..722John Fox
FoxCharles F..722John Fox
FoxClara.722John Fox
FoxEmma.722John Fox
FoxFrank L..722John Fox
FoxGeorge T..722John Fox
FoxJohn.720Solomon Ackeret
FoxJohn.721John Fox
FoxJohn A..722John Fox
FoxValentine.713James Marsh
FranklinDora.688Jackson T. Beatty
FranklinSamuel.688Jackson T. Beatty
FremontJohn C..595George Slagle
FremontJohn C..675Alfred Beatty
FreyC. C..544City Public Schools
FreyC. C..623C. C. Frey
FreyHenryD. D.733Henry Frey, D. D.
FreyJohn.734Henry Frey, D. D.
FreyJohn Frederick.733Henry Frey, D. D.
FreyOswald.734Henry Frey, D. D.
FreyTudor.734Henry Frey, D. D.
FrysingerWilliam.540Sentiments of 1863
FultzDean.732William Fultz
FultzFrederick.731William Fultz
FultzGerald.732William Fultz
FultzGladys.732William Fultz
FultzHelen.732William Fultz
FultzHollis.732William Fultz
FultzMartin.731William Fultz
FultzMorris.732William Fultz
FultzNeva.732William Fultz


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